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This year’s Report on the State of the European Union (2015-16) examines the delicate

political situation currently faced by the EU, a complex combination of events that has

revealed its underlying weakness as a supranational organisation with historic ambitions.

After a 20


century that was largely propitious for a European Community that rose from

the ashes of the two World Wars, the start of the 21


century has been marked by an

air of frustration and pessimism. Moreover, it is those who were most strongly in favour

of the European project and most firmly convinced of the importance, benefits and direc-

tion of the EU whose ideals have been hardest hit by the crisis. Yet they are also best

equipped to keep fighting to preserve the values of the world’s most democratic continent.

The contributions to this report examine the reasons why these values, fundamentally

based on the welfare state and the rule of law, have been and continue to be severely

affected by the critical situation facing the EU in 2016.

There can be no doubt that the EU has reached a crossroads, a moment of unpreceden-

ted political challenge. What we are facing is more than an economic crisis, or a refu-

gee or security crisis. These are merely the effects, albeit extremely serious ones. What

makes them critical is the EU’s failure to provide a credible response. Such a response is

not beyond the realms of possibility.

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