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anti-European parties such as the National Front in France, UKIP in the

United Kingdom, AfD in Germany and similar groupings in the Nether-

lands and Finland create a disturbing picture, but one that we must not

shy away from.

This, then, is the moment to confront these political challenges, as we

propose in this report; the moment to engage with public opinion and

with political and social forces, to make them see that only by deepening

political union can we resolve the problems we face; the moment in which

the European Parliament must play its role both of initiating and guiding

the institutional reforms that will lead to political union.

I would like to end by thanking the authors for their generosity and

dedication, and I would also like to recognise the support offered by the

Director of the Report, the Coordinator and Indra.

Nicolás Sartorius

Michael Ehrke

Vice President


Fundación Alternativas